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Take your health into your own hands

Make the most of your family, your work and the world. The Wellness Consultant will guide you to the right balance between effort and relaxation. For a balanced well-being, self-consciousness with two feet on the ground and a complete well-being. Your body and mind in harmony, at every moment of your life.


Recharge your senses. Rejuvenate yourself with custom treatments. Scientifically and rationally examine these spa treatments have a positive impact on your entire being. Give your body new momentum and regain your energy.

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Relax and let go of all stress. Enjoy a relaxing massage, the sense of peace and healing effect on your body and mind. Pamper yourself with a blissful moment and immerse yourself in a complete experience. With or without accommodation.

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Take your own well-being under the microscope and bring yourself into balance. With coaching and personal advice you determine your own course. No drastic turnaround, but a firm balance between mind and body.

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Excite your senses and experience more. Scents, colors, temperatures, light, taste and touch. By adding extra dimensions you experience things in a new way. An enriching way.

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  • House of Wellbeing @ Nostalgie Beach12/08/2017
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